© 2017 Toban Nichols all rights reserved

The Stale Minaret is a fallen, outmoded monolith paying tribute to a glorious past now broken and laid bare in obsolescence. Like an artifact of a forgotten time discovered and on display, it’s a totem to a technology no longer needed or valued except as link to the past and an overtly emotional display of nostalgia. 

The installation presents the viewer with a straightforward look at stacked DVD players fused together. Wrapped in a carefully twisted braid of cords used to give life to the machine, presented itself as a type of circus performer for lazy watchers and small children.

This master/slave relationship continues to evolve as it has throughout our history. As the rise of digital technology gives birth to new forms of viewing, we’re able to look back with fondness at live vaudevillian performances on a stage, the Phonograph, the 8 Track Tape, the Cassette, the VHS Tape... All represent history and most are all but dead, living a second life in flea market bins of junk. All soon joined in death by the DVD player.


DVD players, audio cords, electrical cords, paint