Toban Nichols
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Colorforms 19a0

colorforms 19a0


A body of printwork based around two toned ideas used in color theory and research into the 19a0’s, the lost decade that claims error and falsification have radically distorted the historical record as stated in the article “Mixtape of the Lost Decade” by Rob Beschizza. 

The prints are simple, errored forms made through overtaxing the computer CPU. Then, colored according to a logical structure used in the color wheel.  They are meant to stretch the boundaries of color harmony to create patterns & hue matches that are pleasing to the eye but also a challenge to the viewer’s sense of color and style. 

The forms relate to previous work, as does the propensity for the use of bright color. This work however differs in it’s simplistic, more design based use of flat shape and color to convey emotion and complexity. 

The original article by Beschizza is here.