Toban Nichols
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A book project

An appropriation, deconstruction and reformat of Vogue’s Book of Etiquette and Good Manners (1969) thus creating an opprobrium.

From the introduction:

Etiquette concerns human beings and their relation to one another. All attractive behavior is founded on consideration for others, even many of the prescribed ways of doing things are dictated by thoughtfulness, as explained in this book.

Perusing the original book, I was taken aback by how humorous and ironic it seemed by today’s standards. The book not only seems to contain out-moded ideas of propriety, but also takes itself very seriously thus enhancing the complicated “joke”  it represents to our modern culture. An idea was formed to exacerbate that joke, to make it more of a one-liner, streamline it’s humor and create a political statement at the same time.